Have you ever been incarcerated based on an allegation and told you must comply with Pre-Trial Supervision in order to obtain your release? If so, we would like to hear your comments to these requirements or  CLICK  here, or the photo below and fill out this anonymous questionnaire. We want to hear from you and your feedback is IMPORTANT to the securing the jail release of many other local civilians.

The ever growing perplexing conundrum and  concern of Pre-Trial supervision 

Pre-Trial questionaire

WAIVER: This short questionnaire will in no way be used against you, promoted, published or released to any other 3rd party. This compiled information is to be used in the battle against Pre-Trial conditions of bond.

CAPS is bringing to light and to the forefront the almost tragic act and insult to the citizenry of COLORADO.

You are not being fairly treated without impunity or parity to adjudication. You are treated as though you were guilty before a trial has ever been undertaken to find you guilty. 

As for the jailed release issue their is no accountability to those released, yet you may have to pay for high monthly ankle monitor fees, rehabilitation fees, drug or alcohol monitoring fees, or a host of other NON-ESSENTIAL and illegal fees to the conditions of a bond release.

Worse is the claim that they protect the public interest in the name of public safety. Yet their algorithms in their risk assessment for the state end up releasing people of high recidivism, heinous or atrocious acts against current laws or mankind without any monitoring or accountability. This is not public safety.


If you have comments or complaints regarding the treatment requirements by Pre-Trial services in order to be released from incarceration we would like to hear from you.